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Demon Update

My muse has kept me busy since December, and now she’s telling me I need to write this menage novella. I really should listen to her before she kicks my ass, or worse–disappears (gasp).

Between working and writing (thank you muse, I love you), I don’t have much time for blogging. Please have patience with me.

Demon In Disguise is still set for April release. I shipped out the blurb in January. I think it was January. Hell, I’ve had few drinks and slept since then. All I know is, I wrote it, then sent it to the publisher. Next on the to do list: an author bio and interview, and they’re due ASAP. I’m on it!

If I were to guess, March will be revision time, which means hell for me. But edits are a necessary evil. They make the manuscript better, and we want a good published script. Therefore, I will have another drink and move forward. Yay me!

As soon as I have the cover art for the novella, I will post it here.

Be happy and enjoy life. Live and love like there’s no tomorrow!


One response

  1. Chase that muse before he gets away! Congrats on the upcoming release; can’t wait!

    02/19/2012 at 7:03 pm

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