Sweet & Erotic ~ Kinky & Hot

Urban Fantasy Erotica

Have you ever heard of such a genre?

I haven’t, but that’s how I’m describing my latest work. The series is called Sexy & Damned. The title of the first book is not finalized yet. The setting is present day and in my home city of Indianapolis. My protagonist had a rough life, which made her one tough young woman. And she’s a stripper. She sold her soul to a demon. For what? Well, you’ll have to read it to find out. One hot vampire makes a deal for her help and soon she’s on a mission to find a girl mingling with the wrong kind of crowd. The world I created is full of various supernatural creatures. I have a sexy singer from a band in the story too. There may be a hint of romance, but it’s certainly NOT central to the story. The book is fast paced, has action, contains a lot of sex, language, and violence.

When is it coming out? Well, I’m going to self publish this series. I’m looking for an editor now and plan to start working with my cover artist this week. (She’s a really good one too!) All I can say for now is, please check back or follow me on FB or Twitter. I will post updates when I have them.


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