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Alison’s Story is here March 6th

Alison’s Story is the 5th in the Sisters of Lonewood series. It’s much spicier than the others. Take a look at the cover on the side. Isn’t it preeettttyyyy?

Here’s more info:

Product Description

Alison longs for a chance to have a threesome with two sexy and courageous men. Tony and Ben suit her fantasy, but they will soon be cops. They’re not the typical kind of men she dates, but even good guys can play naughty.

After her dream comes true, she finds herself needing more of her two lovers. And they desire more of her. Happiness lasts until one of her admirers shows up and causes trouble. Alison will have to act fast if she wants to save her relationship with Tony and Ben, and their careers.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex, bondage, spanking


“I think this would work better without clothes,” Tony said.

“I agree. Set her down.”

Slowly, Tony bent and lowered her until her feet touched the carpeted floor. She brushed her long hair away from her face and tucked it behind her ears as she regained her sense of balance.

“You work on the bottom. I’ll get the top,” Ben said as he reached from behind her and took hold of her leather jacket. He tugged it away from her shoulders, then down her arms. “Relax.”

Tony met her gaze and smiled. “I always enjoy working at the bottom.” He kneeled and curled his hand around her calf.

She wobbled slightly as Tony lifted her leg. Ben wrapped his arms around her ribs and nuzzled near her ear. “You smell so good, Ali.”

With his body pressing against her, she felt something hard touch her lower back. She swallowed hard, knowing what the stiff object was.

Ben held her while Tony removed one shoe and the other. After he finished and set her foot on the floor, Ben took hold of the bottom of her blouse. He pulled it over her head, then took a step back.

“You can tell us to slow down if we’re going too fast,” Tony said as he stood and removed his shirt.

She stared at his ripped torso and felt heat rising within her. “This is good.”

Standing with only her tights and bra left, she glanced over her shoulder. Ben dropped his shirt on the floor, next to hers, and moved his hands to his jeans. He, too, had six pack abs that made her mouth water and pussy wet.

“Just good?” Tony asked, reclaiming her attention. He took her face into his hands and stared deep into her eyes. “Are you absolutely sure?”

“One hundred and twenty percent. Now shut up and kiss me.” She hooked her fingers on the loops of his jeans and tugged his body toward her.

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