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My RT13 Experience

I’m back from the seven hour trip from Kansas City, MO. Thankfully, my friend Dani Morgan drove this year. I was the passenger along with another friend, Roxy Mews. We shared some good laughs on the road to and from RT13.

As always, the RT Convention was crowded and jam packed with workshops I wanted to attend. And there were plenty of parties and cocktail social gatherings. For any reader or writer, these conventions are a great way to network and meet new friends.

This was my 2nd RT Convention and my 4th time attending a large convention. I’ve made a list of my top 5 favorites and disappointments. Keep in mind, this is just my opinion.

Top 5 Favorites about RT13:

1. Meeting friends I hadn’t seen in a year and catching up with them
2. Meeting new people
3. Sitting next to Lara Adrian at the Ebook signing event
4. The various workshops
5. Dressing up for parties (I never get to dress up)

Top 5 Disappointments about RT13:

1. Convention was unorganized – registration was late, I couldn’t locate my spot on promo alley, locations of events were difficult to find at first, swag tables were spread out and on two levels, had to eat in the dark during the big ball, because it was so dark during the ball one of the servers hit my head with a champaign bottle, and the list goes on…
2. We had to walk several blocks to get food. The hotel restaurant was horrible, and there were no other options for food in the hotel. I don’t mind walking to places. In fact, I enjoy it. But it took time and we had to skip workshops.
3. Too many workshops to choose from that took place at the same time
4. The hotel – layout of hotel was a bit confusing
5. The disc jockeys at the parties were absolutely horrible

I doubt I will go to the next RT convention, but they are good events to attend. If you get a chance to go, I highly encourage you to do so.


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