Sweet & Erotic ~ Kinky & Hot

Contemporary Romance & Erotica

The Sisters of Lonewood is a contemporary romance series published with Evernight Publishing. The Reynolds women have a special bond, but their lives are in the midst of change. Each short story is about one of the sisters.

Nikki’s Story
Kate’s Story
Heather’s Story
Penny’s Story
Alison’s Story
Lisa’s Story
Brenda’s Story

Diary of a Free Woman is a contemporary erotica series about a woman’s sexual journey as she travels across Europe. All short stories are published with Totally Bound Publishing.

Passion in the Sky
Passion Blooms in Paris
Passion Sails at Sea
Passion at the Opera
Passion in Restraints
Passion at the Castle
Passion in the Heart

Memorable Gifts is a contemporary erotic romance series. The first one is m/f/f and the second book is m/f/f/m. Both are now available.

A Gift to Remember
Another Gift to Remember

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