Sweet & Erotic ~ Kinky & Hot

Diary of a Free Woman

She’s a single woman starting her dream vacation.
He’s a sexy billionaire stuck on her flight.
The mile high club is accepting new members.

Gwenever is a free woman for the first time in her life, and she’s eager to fulfill a life-long dream of traveling across Europe. She kisses her two grown children goodbye, then boards a plane to London. By accident, she bumps into Phillip Connor, a sexy billionaire, and he quickly takes a keen interest in her.

During the long flight, he seduces her with his bluntness and charm. She teases him with her spicy words. The roller coaster of sexual tension drives each of them insane with lust. When Phillip begs Gwen to meet him privately in one of the facilities, she will have to decide if she’s ready to join the mile high club with one hot and playful billionaire.

Genre: Contemporary Erotica

Reader Advisory: This book contains language, graphic sex. This story is part of a series about a woman’s sexual journey and is therefore erotica rather than erotic romance. The rating reflects the erotica content only.

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A tour of Paris should always include a sexy Frenchman…

Gwenever continues her travels in Europe and after several days without a man, she longs to find passion again. What better place than Paris?

She visits the Louvre and meets Pierre Devaux, a Frenchman, but he’s far from the typical local. He’s a famous French actor and he can’t keep his eyes off Gwen. He offers to escort her through the museum and she gladly accepts. As they explore and analyze the artwork, he seduces her with his sultry words and sexy accent. As Gwen’s desire for him escalates, she quickly forgets about the centuries-old art. But interruptions from fans and visitors keep her and Pierre apart. When he invites her to a private room, she questions if he’s playing games with her. Should she spend the day marveling at the works in the Louvre, or follow what her body yearns for?

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Two sexy Italian men and a private cruise on the Mediterranean.
What could be better?


Gwenever is enjoying her dream vacation and looks forward to discovering what Rome has to offer. As she sits at a cafe, two stunningly attractive men introduce themselves. Although Leo and Paolo are twenty years younger than she is, the age difference means little to them and they take turns flirting with her. Their directness, charm and playful nature appeal to Gwen.

When they invite her to go cruising on their yacht to enjoy some vitamin D, she’s fully aware what they’re insinuating. Another prime opportunity is presented to Gwen and she has to make a decision. Is she ready to take a chance with two strangers, sail the Mediterranean Sea and explore passion in a way she never has before?

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A performance worthy of a scream.
A night of music, opera singers and incredible sex.

Gwenever arrives in Vienna to visit the historical Opera House. To her surprise, the only show she can attend sold out recently. Her chances of seeing a performance are dismal until she meets a prestigious businessman with an extra ticket. He seduces her with his charm and in little time, her attraction to him becomes difficult to resist. She offers a night of passion in exchange for his ticket. He agrees and even arranges for her to obtain a proper dress. Gwen can’t believer her good fortune. She gets to visit the famous Opera House with a handsome and esteemed man, and spend the night with him. At the last minute, plans change and Gwen wonders if her chances for a memorable night are lost.

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Desires fulfilled one spank at a time…

Curiosity and the need for a male companion lead Gwenever to the Red Light District of Amsterdam. She strolls into a shop full of sex toys and apparel. As she surveys the merchandise, a hunky man with a tattoo introduces himself to her. She’s attracted to him and a glimpse at his groin reveals he has a fondness for her too. He gives her his calling card and invites her to meet him later. When she notices he works at a fetish club, she questions if she should take him up on his invitation. She’s a naughty woman, but not the kind of kinky one who indulges in wild sexual adventures. He entices her with zesty words and a desire to please her. Unable to resist his wicked charm, she meets him at his place of business. She participates in his playful games and experiences passion in a way she never would have dreamed.

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Intense passion leaves her hungering for more…

Gwenever is in Ireland for the last stop on her European vacation. The peace and solitude at the luxurious Dromoland Castle is nice, but she misses the company of a lover, especially the ones she has met along her journey. Her time alone comes to a quick end when a young man and woman ask Gwen to have brunch with them. She joins them and soon discovers they are far more interested in her than she could have imagined. They find her attractive and invite her to a threesome.

The request stuns Gwen and she is hesitant to hook up with them. No married couple, let alone a woman, has never approached her before. She reflects on the opportunities she’s taken during her trip. All the brief sexual encounters had left her with incredibly satisfying experiences. Why should this new prospect be any different?

Gwen takes her chances and the playful couple show her intense passion that leaves her hungering for more. She spends the remainder of her stay with them and learns that love from a woman is just as enjoyable as it is from a man.

Reader Advisory: This book contains graphic sex, language and a brief F/F sex scene. 

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From a unique encounter to a future filled with love…

Home from her European vacation, Gwen seeks to find a relationship with one of the men she’d met during her trip. To her surprise, one lover responds. He stuns her more when he shows up the next day at her house for a visit. She can’t resist the sexy, dark haired and blue-eyed hunk, nor can he resist her. Sparks light up quickly as he shows her how much he’s missed her.

As the week progresses, Gwen’s fondness for him increases. He’s caring, kind, honorable and very successful. She enjoys his playful nature, heated touch and seductive kisses. He brings her happiness unlike any other lover. The man has special feelings for Gwen, something that is clear to her co-workers. She starts to suspect he wants more than a sexual relationship until she arrives home one night and finds him gone. When he returns and confesses the truth, she’s speechless. He provides her with a plan to keep them close together and she will have to decide if she is ready to give up her independence, job and home to spend every night in his loving embrace.

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**Passion in the Heart is the final book in the series.


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